Josiah Stredder
Born:  1727, Baston, Lincolnshire
Died:  1819, Folkingham, Lincolnshire
Buried: 18 April 1819, St. Andrew, Folkingham, Lincolnshire

Father:   Josiah Stredder (1700-1775)
Mother:   Sarah Smith (1705-1784)

Spouse 1:   Sarah ? (1732-1754),  married: 1752

Children:   Susannah (1754)

Spouse 2:   Ann Holmes (1734-1786),  19 October 1754, Stamford Baron, Saint Martin, Northamptonshire

Children:   Thomas (1755)
Josiah (1756)
Holmes (1759)
Ann (1760)
William (1761)
John (1763)
Henry Money W (1764)
Ann (1766)
Henry Money (1768)
Dinah (1769)

Spouse 3:   Judith (Judah) Hall (1761-1831), married 23 October 1786, Folkingham, Lincolnshire

Children:   John (1787)
Hannah (1789)
Frances (1795)
Edmund (1797)
James (1799)
Sarah (1806)



Residence: 1819 - Folkingham, Lincolnshire (listed as Yeoman freeholder of Stainfield in 1818 Hereford County Poll Book)


Some interesting information:

Settlement Certificate found in the parish records of Helpston, Northamptonshire, ref. 163p85/3


"We John Barber churchwarden and Edward Johnson overseer of the poor of the parish of Baston in the county of Lincoln, do hereby own and acknowledge Josiah Stredder, Baker to be an inhabitant, legally settled in aforesaid in the parish of Baston. Dated 28 April 1753."

The certificate was signed by two Lincolnshire Justices of the Peace. 


(For more information regarding settlement certificates, see:


1761 - Josiah took on an apprentice, Henry Towns 


The Quaintways Teashop in Folkingham is the former home of Josiah Stredder and his son Josiah.  Photos are courtesy of Quaintways Teashop.

Home of Josiah Stredder (1727-1819)



Home of Josiah Stredder (1727-1819)