Henry Martin Stredder
Born:  circa 1767, England








The following is an old English court case regarding Henry Martin Stredder:

HENRY MARTIN STREDDER, RICHARD BREWER, theft : simple grand larceny, theft : receiving stolen goods, 26th June, 1809.

HENRY MARTIN STREDDER was indicted for feloniously stealing on the 16th of June, six crank winders for register stoves, value 3 s. 9 d. the property of William Bound; and

RICHARD BREWER for feloniously receiving on the same day, the said goods, he well knowing them to have been stolen.


Q. I believe you are clerk to Mr. Bound -
A. Yes, he is an iron founder and stove grate manufacturer; Ray-street, Clerkenwell. Stredder has been in his employ for some time past; and Brewer made winders, and brought them to us, and sold them.

Q. In the month of May last, in consequence of finding a deficiency, did you mark the crank winders for register stoves -
A. I did; I began to mark them on the 2nd of May. On the 17th of June I missed six. After Stredder was gone to dinner, I examined them; on the Friday and on the Saturday I missed them. I counted them every night after I marked them.


Q. You had marked all you had in the manufactory, had you -
A. Yes.

Q. In whose keeping were they -
A. In Stredder's, they were kept in a drawer in the warehouse.

Q. Was that drawer near the spot where Stredder worked -
A. Yes; he was mostly in sight of the drawer, except when he was sent out of an errand, which was not often.

Q. Was that drawer kept locked -
A. No.

Mr. Gurney.

Q. Were there any other persons working in this room where the drawer was -
A. No; Stredder was the time keeper, he was not a labourer; he had to keep the men's time, and to take care of many articles; and among other these crank winders; the workmen had no business there unless they come to Stredder. I examined on that day and missed six. In the course of that evening Brewer came, he brought three dozen and a half of crank winders; I examined them, they were brought as new goods; I paid him seven seven shillings and six-pence a dozen for them. On my examining of them, I found half a dozen of them with marks, which I myself had put. These are them, it is a little nick with a file.


Q. Did this man used to be paid upon delivery -
A. Always.

Q. Upon your discovering that these were half a dozen that you had marked, what did you say to him -
A. I said nothing to him, I went for an officer; I left him with Mr. Bound, and when the officer came, Mr. Bound gave him in charge.


Q. You are one of the clerks of Hatton Garden police office -
A. I am.

Q. Were you present at the examination of the two prisoners -
A. I was.

Q. Was what either of them said taken down in writing -
A. We take no examination of the prisoner, only only of the witnesses.

Q. to Mr. Rendall. Did you also take Stredder to the office -
A. They were both taken to the office, and after the examination, Stredder said that he had lent Brewer half a dozen winders for a particular customer.

Q. These winders had been all made by Brewer - had not they -
A. Yes.

Q. Had Stredder any authority to lend them to Brewer -
A. Not that I know off.

Q. Are you perfectly sure that these half dozen winders are the six that you yourself marked -
A. Yes; and which had been in the drawer of Mr. Bound.


Q. Have you any partner -
A. None.

Q. Did you ever give Stredder leave to lend winders to Brewer -
A. No, I forbid him to lend them to Brewer or to any other person; the reason was that Brewer two or three years back was in the habit of borrowing; when I had a partner he might have the liberty of my partner; he used to say they were returned; probably they were not returned; consequently I forbid to lend to Brewer for two years back.

Q. Did he make any application recently before this happened to lend to Brewer -
A. He did not.

Q. to Rendall. At the time that Stredder said he had lent these half dozen to Brewer for a particular customer - did Brewer say any thing -
A. The magistrate asked him why he brought them in again; he said he wanted to make up a bill, and that was the reason he brought them.

Stredder's Defence.

My lord and gentlemen, I have been a servant to Mr. Bound about five years, as warehouseman, Richard Brewer was register winder maker for Mr. Bound many years, he generally used to borrow winders of Mr. Bound. Mr. Bound gave me orders to lend winders to Brewer, and never discharged me for so doing; and likewise Mr. Greensmith has lent Brewer winders, three and four dozen at a time, and has given me orders to lend them, and he has always returned them; I lent Brewer half a dozen winders. Saturday was a fortnight, and he was to return them the next week; a brush I bought six weeks ago, of a man in the street; Mr. Bound's brushmaker says it is one of his make.

Q. to prosecutor. What is the name of your former partner -
A. Isaac Greensmith.

Brewer's Defence.

Mr. Bound has frequently lent me winders; I have worked for him twenty years. I never asked but he always granted my request. Mr. Bound says he refused me two years ago, he has only dissolved partnership since the 1st of January last, since then I have borrowed of him, I always returned them. I asked Stredder to lend me half a dozen; he lent them me; I told him I would return them the next week Mr. Bound cannot say that ever he heard the least slur upon my character.

Q. to prosecutor. Did you know of this transaction, or was any application made to you by Stredder or Brewer -
A. None at all. The partnership has been dissolved since January last; in Mr. Greensmith's time I gave positive orders not to lend.


Mr. Bound, you have lent me within this six or seven months yourself - A. That is not so; I have forbid Brewer myself of having any lent.

Stredder called two witnesses, who gave him a good character.

Brewer called four witnesses, who gave him a good character.


Transported for Seven Years.

BREWER, GUILTY, aged 58.

Transported for Fourteen Years.

First Middlesex jury, before Mr. Common Serjeant.