William Stredder
Born:  19 May 1871, St Peter, Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Baptized: 5 June 1871, St Peter, Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Died:  before 1940

Father:   George Alfred Stredder (1842-?)
Mother:   Isabella Kirwan (1842-?)

Spouse:   Florence Baker (1871-?)

Children:   Harold Dawber (1901) [step-son]
Florence (1916),

Occupation:   1901 - Bricklayer


Residence: 1871 - St. Peter, Liverpool, Lancashire, England
1881 - 54 Venture Street, Bolton, Lancashire, England
1901 - 49 Platt Street, Bolton, Lincolnshire, England
1920 - Astoria, Queen's, New York, USA
1930 - New York City, New York, USA
1940 - New York City, Queen's County, New York, USA  (Florence and Harold only)


1871 Baptism

1881 England Census

1901 England Census

1905 Emigration to USA

1920 US Census

1930 US Census


1939 RE: Florence (Baker) Stredder:

Departure Arrival Names Ship Photo Manifest
03 Sep 1939
Sunk 03 Sep 1939
250 miles of the coast
of Ireland
Florence Stredder

Passengers rescued
03 Sep 1939
250 miles northwest of
the coast of Inishtrahull, Ireland after the sinking
of the SS Athenia
13 Sep 1939
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Florence Stredder

14 Sep 1939
Nova Scotia
14 Sep 1939
Calais, Maine
Florence Stredder


These manifests list refugees of the SS Athenia, the first British ship sunk by the Nazis in World War II.  On 03 September 1939, the German U-boat U-20 sent two torpedoes into the Athenia, without warning, sinking her.  Several ships, including the SS City of Flint, aided in the rescue of surviving crew and passengers.  For more information see: http://www.mikekemble.com/ww2/athenia.html.  Interestingly, the SS City of Flint later became the first American ship seized by the Nazis on 09 October 1939.  The Flint was returned to the USA on 06 November 1939 and continued service in the Atlantic until sunk by the Nazis on 23 January 1943.


1940 US Census